Friday, July 23, 2010

Embroidered Watch Face!!

I treated myself to a new watch. It is so me. Here is a picture of it. I can't wait to get it.

What does this mean?

I made a button out of this image but I can't figure out what it means. It was out of context so I have no idea what the image was used for. It is interesting to try to figure out the meaning. I put it on one of my clown cards. That has nothing to do with the button. I love the clown cards.

I made a bracelet from the yarn and thread my sister sent me!!!!

I am so pleased with the way this bracelet worked out. I decided not to put too many beads on it. I just love the thread so much. It is interesting that my sister can drive to South Carolina to visit her son and while she is there in a very small area can go to a store that has every imaginable color  and texture of yarn and thread. I live in such a large area. What with Orange county blending into Los Angeles and San Diego. There are so many stores but non like this one in South Carolina. I am hoping she gets me an orange set for my birthday. Oh pleazzzzeeee!!!! I have so much fun working with these different textures. Here is the bracelet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is it a wall hanging or the front of a purse?

I finally finished this piece with the Days of the little Bears week. I can't decide if I want to hang it on the wall or use it as the front of a purse. I wish my week was like his. Mine is so confusing. Yesterday the plumber man put in the new bathtub and faucet. It just doesn't look right so I made chocolate cupcakes today. So so bad. I kept going by the cupcake bakery in Orange and thinking, wow I should buy one of those but then I thought I should just make my own. I know I won't like the one that I buy. The problem is you just can't make one cupcake. Now I have 24. Oh my poor husband is going to have to eat most of them.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh Hurray!!! Look what my sister sent me.

Oh Marylynn, you are just too generous. I can't wait to get started making a new bracelet with that yarn. And the fabric. Wow such a perfect summer skirt. And the buttons, the buttons. You perked up my whole week. Plus look at Eric with his beard. The girl at the store called him Grissly Adams. I think the beard is very pretty. I love the white curls. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I cut my hair this morning.

I couldn't stand my hair in my face for one more day so I got out the scissors and whack whack whack. What do you think. I like it but I think I need to do a few more cuts on the left side. I also took down wallpaper today. Oh that is a nasty job. What a mess. My hands feel like they have been sanded. Yes I did wear gloves.
Yesterday my husband and I decided to go the OC Fair. We had to stop by the bank first and we proceeded to go around in circles for a while. They have stupid freeway signs on main street that make getting on the freeway going the right way very confusing. Even though we were talking about it so we wouldn't get on going in the wrong direction we managed to do it anyway. Then to get turned back around you have to go to calamazoo and back. We laughed about it but when we got all the way down to the fairgrounds we discovered it doesn't open until next week. ARGH!!! I guess I enjoyed the ride, at least I wasn't driving.