Thursday, October 14, 2010

Playing with buttons

This is my newest piece. I wanted to really show off some of the buttons that I have. Especially the marquisite ones and the black glass. Also I purchased some dyed fabric pieces from Cathy Cullis and I wanted to use some of those. The image on the fabric button that I used was takenfabric button that I made I want to do a series of these type of pieces using a lot of buttons.

Today I purchased my airline tickets for a Christmas visit to North Carolina. Thrilling.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So Hotttt on Saturday and so cold on Monday!!!

Look at this amazing praying mantiss that I found in the lillies when I was watering on Sunday. I think he was looking at me.
California's weather is going through some really strange things. Saturday was so hot at Glitterfest that I thought I was melting. I am sure it hurt artists sales since we were all selling mostly fall stuff. Not the right mood.
Plus a few days before Los Angeles recorded the hottest day (113ยบ), since the late 1800's. Now on Wednesday I am freezing in my studio. I hadn't had the gas guy come to light the pilot light in my gas wall furnace since it was so hot. I arranged it for this Friday and now I find out from the news that this weekend it will be hot again.

Glitterfest was so fun!!!!

Well, Glitterfest was really wonderful. I met all kinds of new creative people. Everything that I am passionate about was up for discussion. From the moment I arrived at 8:45am till the time I left at 4:45pm I stood and talked and shared. Here are some pictures of the day before as I prepared my buttons for sale.  The last picture of my table at the show wasn't taken until the day was over. I didn't get a chance to take it at the start. But at least you can see some of it. We were packed in there pretty tight behind those tables. Me and the artist behind me kept laughing cause we kept bumping each other in the buts.