Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today is my Birthday!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me. I look at my Birthday like some people look at New Years Day. I assess my life and see where I am at. It is a goal setting day and a day to relax and just enjoy being alive. Where have I been, where do I want to go. Each year I am amazed at what has transpired in the year. So much happens to us and so many things are only know to ourselves and God. I love being alive and have enjoyed every moment. Even the bad things that are not pleasant at the time we can look back on and see how they changed us and helped us grow as people. When I was younger, I never realized how much I would grow to appreciate my memories. It is like having a great treasure chest in your mind that you can get pleasure from at any time. Yesterday, a man came to pick me up to take me to pick up my repaired car. As soon as I was seated in his car the smell of the ice cream shop that my mother took my sister and me to after the dentist washed over me. How wonderful and rich life can be. A treasured moment that is buried inside me springs out and I get to experience the joy of that moment all over again. I have so many of those and I never know when this joy will come over me. Wow!!!
The other day a box was delivered to me with some of my old artwork and this picture in it.
This picture was taken on the last Christmas day our family spent with my father. It was a day of so much laughing and happiness. Another fantastic memory and here it is captured in a photo.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Erin in Issey

Erin in Issey, originally uploaded by RCButtons.

Fun with Erin. She really looks great in my clothes.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

WAC Meeting

I went to my first Wearable Art Group meeting this Saturday. Actually, right after I dropped Erin off at the airport to go to Richmond. I was very sad the entire day but I did enjoy the meeting. It was held in Redondo Beach. That is a long way from Santa Ana, and is a place I have never been before. All the years of living in Southern California and I have never been there. The meeting was wonderful. They had a speaker Margot Silk Forrest who is an expert at painting shoes. She is the owner of Sassy Feet. Her web site it She had samples of her shoes and lots of photos. She also was teaching a class today and I wanted to go but I have way too much to do. Oh well, some other time. I learned alot about glue and the proper paint for shoes. Very interesting.

They had a lot of terrific things for sale at the lunch break. See the picture for what I bought. It is very hard to find pink and orange cotton fabric. And those patterns. I love the shirt and the Asian outfit. Unbelievably, they are in my size.

Erin arrived at her new apartment last night and called me. She says it is really hot there. Probably like when I first went to see you ML and there were those few days where the humidity is unbearable and you have to stay in the air conditioned house to survive.

She is on here way now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Erin has her Driver License. Wow!!!

Erin and I drove all the way to Redlands today so she could take her driving test. That is the only appointment I could get before she leaves on Saturday. It took forever to get there but we made it. It was so hot. We waited in the hot line with the car and even though I checked the brake lights on tuesday (one day ago) when we got to the front of the line the tester said we couldn't take the test because a brake light was out. Argh!!!!! No matter how hard I begged. We had to go and find a place to get the thing fixed and then come back and try to fit into the later group. Luckily next door to the DMV was a brake repair shop. We drove over there and he fixed it for us and he didn't even charge us. How nice was he. Then we came back to the DMV and they took us right away. Erin passed and now she has her Drivers license. Oh the parallel parking and the freeway driving was hard. We had to go to the ups store so we could send some bed linens to her new place in VA and we had to get a new external hard drive for her computer at the Micro Center Store. Finally we are home. Wonderful.!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A proud peacock!!!!

Erin will be leaving for Grad school next Saturday, so we are heavily practicing her driving. Yesterday we drove all the way to Fashion Island. I went into Anthropology and she went into Urban Outfitters. We both found some things we liked. But I found something fantastic for my future displays. It is a wooden peacock. I just have to paint it. I am so excited. I just love him. He does need a little sanding here and there. ML, isn't he just great. I put a new bracelet around his neck. He is so proud. Ha. I think he has the same hairstylist as me.
His head actually turns. Isn't it great.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My table at the show!!!!!

This is a close up of the white witch bracelet.

My bracelets fitted nice in my newly painted doll wardrobe.

I covered my dress forms with Dick and Jane stories. So fun!!!!

Here is Erin at my show table. We met so many wonderful people. There were lots of very talented artists at this show. I was just amazed at some of the inventive artwork.