Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today is my Birthday!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me. I look at my Birthday like some people look at New Years Day. I assess my life and see where I am at. It is a goal setting day and a day to relax and just enjoy being alive. Where have I been, where do I want to go. Each year I am amazed at what has transpired in the year. So much happens to us and so many things are only know to ourselves and God. I love being alive and have enjoyed every moment. Even the bad things that are not pleasant at the time we can look back on and see how they changed us and helped us grow as people. When I was younger, I never realized how much I would grow to appreciate my memories. It is like having a great treasure chest in your mind that you can get pleasure from at any time. Yesterday, a man came to pick me up to take me to pick up my repaired car. As soon as I was seated in his car the smell of the ice cream shop that my mother took my sister and me to after the dentist washed over me. How wonderful and rich life can be. A treasured moment that is buried inside me springs out and I get to experience the joy of that moment all over again. I have so many of those and I never know when this joy will come over me. Wow!!!
The other day a box was delivered to me with some of my old artwork and this picture in it.
This picture was taken on the last Christmas day our family spent with my father. It was a day of so much laughing and happiness. Another fantastic memory and here it is captured in a photo.

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