Saturday, July 27, 2013

The moth!!!!

Closing the door to my studio at night is a bit tricky. The huge tree outside the door has made the doorframe at a different angle than the door. In order to shut the door and lock it, I have to place a certain thickness of paper under the bottom of the door as I close it. This lifts the lock up so that it is aligned and I can lock the door. Last night, as I was doing this something huge was fluttering around my head and scaring me. As I backed away I thought it was a large butterfly or a bird but I couldn't understand why it was flying at night. I ran in the house to get a flashlight and saw to my amazement that it was a moth. I took a picture of it to share. The wing span was 6 inches and it had red eyes. What a treat. Isn't he beautiful!!!