Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Just finished "The Execution of Noa P. Singleton" by Elizabeth L. Silver
This is the authors first book. So it was desirable to read because it is a fresh voice who is trying to put her best foot forward.
The book starts with a mystery...why is this young woman on death row? The story leads you through her childhood and utlimately to the time she is on death row to try and decipher the mystery. There are a few unexpected twists at the end that sort of explain what happened but I found it hard to understand or relate to this woman's thinking. The book leaves you with a feeling of sadness for the main character. Why is it in life that we have such trouble getting past our childhood experiences. When you think about it, it is kind of ridiculous that we box ourselves into thought patterns that so limit us. All we have to do is open our eyes and see that what happened to us in the past is over and probably won't happen again. We don't need to prepare for it or be influenced by it. It's OVER! You Survived it.
Actually, each of us can do anything. We are only limited by our physical and mental abilities that we have failed to develop and what is legal.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I want to start making a list of the books I have just finished reading. Although I have read thousands of books I will start with the ones I just finished.
"The Three" by Sarah Lotz
An interesting but very long book 471 pages.
It was written in a style of a person speaking to you and showing you references to various correspondence between the charactors that would illuminate the story they were telling.
Four plane crashes on one day with only 3 survivors and they are all children. The story is about the reaction of people to these children. It hints on aliens and the end of the world bible prophesies. It is very imaginative and I found myself engaged in wondering what was going to happen and what had really happened. It was a fun book.

"The Revenant" by Michael Punke
This story is going to be made into a motion picture. After reading it, I can't wait to see it.
My favorite male character is one who is kind and thoughtfully intelligent but strong, almost invincible and willing to fight against a clear evildoer and win. Something terrible and unfair happens and the hero wants revenge.
The story takes place in 1823 when the Rocky Mountain Fur Company was establishing itself in the American frontier. Hugh Glass is the hero of the book and was a real person. The story is based on real events as much as was recorded from the time.
It is a wonderful story and is historically well researched. You learn alot about what it was like to be a frontiersman in the earlier 1800's. Certainly not an easy life but much simpler than our current lives.