Thursday, August 13, 2009

Erin has her Driver License. Wow!!!

Erin and I drove all the way to Redlands today so she could take her driving test. That is the only appointment I could get before she leaves on Saturday. It took forever to get there but we made it. It was so hot. We waited in the hot line with the car and even though I checked the brake lights on tuesday (one day ago) when we got to the front of the line the tester said we couldn't take the test because a brake light was out. Argh!!!!! No matter how hard I begged. We had to go and find a place to get the thing fixed and then come back and try to fit into the later group. Luckily next door to the DMV was a brake repair shop. We drove over there and he fixed it for us and he didn't even charge us. How nice was he. Then we came back to the DMV and they took us right away. Erin passed and now she has her Drivers license. Oh the parallel parking and the freeway driving was hard. We had to go to the ups store so we could send some bed linens to her new place in VA and we had to get a new external hard drive for her computer at the Micro Center Store. Finally we are home. Wonderful.!!!!

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