Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Where Does the Time Go!!!

Today is my baby sisters birthday. I am so happy I have sisters. Here is a drawing I did of her a few years ago, when she (like me) had wonderful long hair. Happy Birthday Eva.

I have done so much since last Friday. On Sunday I went to Joann's Sale and purchased a couple of Vogue Patterns at 3.99. A great price. I also bought some grey linen and made these pants from a Marcy Tilton Vogue pattern. It called for a knit fabric but I made them out of the Grey linen. they are wonderful pants. I added a pocket on the side and a zipper in the back since I wasn't using a knit. the side detail on these pants is so cool. And the way there are darts at the bottom so the pants curve in. I purchased a few other vogue patterns that I will be making up in a few weeks.

I love to sew, especially when I am nervous. We had a contrators meeting today and they are going to start working on my house next week. Life will be difficult for a while now.


umelecky said...

Love the pants with the darts at the bottom. I made a pair of those last year, but they were too tight. I wish I would have kept them now. I've lost weight and they would have fit just right now.

Rita Carol said...

They are Wonderfully Comfortable. You should make another pair. Rita