Monday, April 19, 2010

Computer Blues

Oh no. My computer has only a grey screen. I am typing this from my laptop. I have a Mac OSX Power PC G5. I found out last week that CS5 is coming out and I am excited to upgrade. When I looked at the system requirements it said it needed Leopard. I am on the one below that which is called tiger. I decided I had better upgrade my system but much to my suprise, Apple was not selling Leopard anymore. They are now selling Snow Leopard which only works on intel based Macs. This was a total shock. My computer will be obsolete in just a year or two. APPLE :(. Anyway to get these few years left I had to go to the aftermarket (ebay) to find a copy of Leopard (cost an arm and a leg). It arrived on Saturday so I went to work to upgrade my system. I got it installed and everything seemed to be working okay but when I went to turn on my computer on Sunday all I got was a grey screen. After many efforts to try and get it to open and a days worth of stomach acid, I decided to call an expert. He just called me back and he is on a job in Beverly Hills today. However he will fit me in this afternoon. I have to go a whole day without my precious computer. I sure hope he can get it running smoothly again. (another arm and a leg). It really saddens me that a company like Apple who has always been so customer friendly could do this to all their loyal followers. There are so many design agencies that have the Macintoshes that don't run on intel based systems. It is like they are giving us all the finger. Afterall we are not talking about antique computers, they just came out with these new intel based computers last year. I am so MADDDDDDDD!!!!!!!

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