Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back from North Carolina

As soon as I came back from my vacation I needed to get ready for the California Gift Show. My plans of increasing my blog entries had to take a back seat. My trip to NC was fantastic. I can't wait to move there. It was unseasonably cold. BRRRRRRR!!!! But still it is beautiful.
Here is a picture of me making footprints in the snow in Richmond Virginia on the roof of the VCU Branding center where my daughter is attending school. We don't get much snow in California. Ha.

The Gift show is very different from the Bead and Design Show. Even though I am in the Handmade section it is such a BUSINESS situation. These shows are so hard to do. There is all the preparation of the display and then getting to the site. This one is in Los Angeles so the drive here is a bear. It would be a 40 minute drive but when you come on a business day it stretches to 2 hours. And there is an extra charge for everything. 


carla fox said...

Good luck with the shows....I wish I could have come to Pasadena, but don't have the $$ for it. Hope you're selling tons of stuff!

I'm erin said...