Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back at home.

Well, now all the hoopla is behind me and I am once again hard at work. I just made a set of buttons for Alice in Wonderland. I am going to put them up for sale on etsy. Plus I want to make a plaid jacket to wear with those buttons on it like the Mad Hatter wears in the movie. I have so much fun when I work in photoshop. I just love that program. Also, I made soup today. My husband and I are watching the series of old Clint Eastwood Western movies this week. Last night we watched A Fistful of Dollars. I didn't think I would like it cause I usually don't like old movies but I was pleasantly surprised. Oh that clint. What a hero. It was a pretty good movie with a lot of anquished close ups of everyone. I think it was ahead of its time. The stitching on the mens leather pants was so exceptional. All the clothing was fantastic.
Somehow I have hurt my back so yesterday I went to the Doctor and it was raining so hard. I had to wear my sandals because my toe is healing and I stepped into a big puddle. ARGH!!!

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Jamie Fingal said...

Wonderful buttons! It was nice to meet you at the CHA show in the Lark Books booth with my friend Peggy Calvert. Hope to see you sometime in the office park where my art studio resides.