Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day one of my Vacation

Yesterday was a travel day. Not quite the fun it used to be. For some reason I am always frisked at the airport. And as an even further assault, yesterday, before I was allowed on the plane they asked me to step aside and they went through my purse and my overnight bag. What???? They didn't ask anyone else to do that. How can I possibly look so suspicious? Once upon the plane it was nice. Delta has the little tv on the back of the seat in front of you and so I was able to watch the house channel and crochet the whole time. It was great. I got a lot of great tips on how to remove wallpaper. My house has so much of that and it all needs to go.
When I arrived at Atlanta I had to find my boarding gate for the next flight. I arrived at gate A1 and had to leave from gate b2. Wow no big deal, right. Oh the Atlanta ariport is so big. It took a long time to get to B2. I stopped on the way to get a bottle of water. Big mistake. When I arrived at my gate and sat down. The gatekeeper posted a note saying the gate had changed to A1. Oh no, time was short now. I had to hurry back to where I came from. I shoved the bottle of water back into my purse, apparently not closing it properly in my rush. As I hurried to the gate A1 the water spilled all over my purse. No big deal except my cell phone was in there. When I realized what had happened, argh!!!! What an idiot i felt like. I needed the cell phone to announce my arrival in Richmond to my daughter. Plus her phone number was on the cell phone.
What to do. I had the laptop with me and managed to find her phone number on it. The man next to me allowed me to call her, but she didn't answer. I left a message. When I looked out the plane window, I saw snow on the ground. I have never in my life driven in the snow.
I managed to get to the rental car place and got a car with a gms thing. That should help me find my daughters apartment in a city I have never been in before at night in the snow. She handed it to me over the counter though and there were no directions to how to connect it to the car. I managed to find a friendly stranger and he set it up for me. Ok, now I am in a car that I am not used to and driving to her apartment. I rolled down the driver window to adjust the mirror and I couldn't figure out how to roll the window back up and in my efforts to do that all the windows are now down and it is very cold and very dark. I had to pull over and get out the instruction booklet. The GPS did not like this, but I managed to get the windows back up. It is so funny how simple things that we do everyday like driving the car can turn difficult when we don't know the basic operations of the thing and it is dark outside. It is so dark in Richmond. California has so many lights that there really aren't any really dark places even at night, unless you are in some residential area out in the boondocks. Plus it is never this cold. I did finally manage to get to my daughters apartment. I was so happy to see her. We decided to walk to a little latin place to have dinner and of course on the way there I slipped and fell. Oh my gosh, how does anyone walk in the snow. After it has been walked on and patted down it is like a skating rink. My fall didn't hurt too bad though. I will be more careful. Today is a new day and I am fresh from a good nights sleep. I will take some pictures to post and get myself and my daughter down to Norfolk Virginia where my sister is going to pick us up. We will see how I do. At least it is daylight.

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umelecky said...

You are very brave to do all those things on your own Rita. I hope the rest of your trip is easier. Merry Christmas!