Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh No the Strawberries are on Sale at Ralphs!!!

This is a funny story. When my husband and I were first married and for many years after, we would laugh at my husbands mother as she went to several different stores to purchase her weekly groceries. It was so time consuming but she insisted on purchasing certain products at certain stores. Well, we would never do that, except now that we are older much to my horror my husband noticed that they were having a sale on cherries at Stater Brothers (we never shop there) so he insisted on going not only to our normal Ralphs (we always shop there) but we had to first stop by Stater Brothers (way over in Tustin). While we were there we also purchased the strawberries which were the same price as Ralphs were last week. Soooo, when we got to Ralphs guess what was on sale there...the strawberries. What did we learn from this experience? Not much except I sure hope I can point this out next time and we can limit the weekly (boring) grocery shopping to only one store. I did make a strawberry pie though, since the strawberries were on sale at Ralphs. ummmmmmm!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for dinner tonight. Ha.

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