Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Erin and I took pictures today!!!

Sometimes when I see ads for things that women have sewn, I am shocked at how frumpy they look. You can sew and have it look like art. I took some pictures today of some of the clothes I have sewn. My daughter was nice enough to model them for me. I have so many other things. Sewing is so fun and you can make things for yourself that not only fit you but are incredibly comfortable and stylish. Plus you can pick that wonderful linen, cotten and silk fabrics that are so expensive when you buy them readymade. Here are two jackets: Leopard coat (fabric fur) and the lipstick coat (Issey Miyaki vogue pattern) the fabric is velvet and was purchased in downtown Los Angeles off the street. You can find the most incredible fabric downtown. The buttons are lipstick tubes that I found at a vintage store.
The vest is based on the artist Modigliani and I printed out pieces of his art to be sewn into the vest. There is also embroidery and special buttons. enjoy!!!!

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