Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh I found the purrfect boots!!!

I braved the black friday sales and although I did get a few things at some very deep discounts, the boots weren't on sale. I did get the HUGE California sales tax forgiven though. At least I got something. Almost every person I ran into had red bloodshot eyes. Guess they got up at 4am to be out there shopping. Wow it was really amazing the amount of people out shopping. The spirits were really high and I loved the good vibes. Noone seemed grouchy. Plus, Plus, the weather although cold was beautiful. Big bright sun and beautiful blue skies with puffy white clouds. So Nice.

These boots are the best. I have been wearing them for three days and my feet are so happy.
They will make my trip so nice.


umelecky said...

Nice boots Rita! Good idea to break them in before your trip. I just ordered a new pair myself. Can't wait to get them.

Rita Carol said...

You must take a picture when you get them.