Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Well, I am getting so excited about my trip to see my daughter and my sisters back east. It will be one year since I have seen them. It will just be a couple of weeks before I leave now. Woo Hoo
I have been watching the news about the new search techniques at the airport and I must admit I am a little scared. For some reason (I don't look weird) I always get pulled aside and searched at the airport. I ask why and they always just shrug and indicate it is random. I accept this, after all I want to be on a safe flight. But getting searched while holding your arms out and them running a bar along the outside of your body is not like them actually touching you with their hands.... I don't want that, yikes.... Hopefully the news has exaggerated the situation like they always do and it will be a piece of cake. I am also madly looking for boots that I can wear for the whole trip. I have found some really good UGG ones that are slip on and waterproof.  I intend to go out on black Friday so I can get the best possible price. That will be exciting, I haven't been out on black Friday in years. Hope I don't get trampled. HA HA Yet another news exaggeration.
Here is a pin I am making for my home sweet home warm and fuzzy feelings. Don't you just want to be in the picture. So lovely.


umelecky said...

Have fun Rita! I'll be thinking of you.

Marlene said...

Rita, Just saw a Old issue of Belle Armoire with your AMAZING!!!pieced of crochet bracelets with your buttons and beads!! I am a jewelry artist in the west coast and am going to give this a serious try...Will you be selling more buttons on Etsy soon..with faces? also the technique of wrapping the yarn around the button or stone..did you just free had it? I crochet very well, but it looks a bit tricky..I jsut wanted to stop by ans tell you how much your jewelry inspired me!...Marlene