Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday is a peaceful day. Happy Mothers Day everyone!!!

All last week all I heard all day long was hammering, banging, yelling, crash boom bang and beep beep when the giant truck backs up. I see I have another week of the roofers. Their compressor is right outside my office door. Just when you get used to the noises it turns on. The roof is looking very nice. We are using triple lament and I am pleased with the result. We are trying to figure out the bathroom. Last night we went to home depot. ARRRGGGG!!!

Anyway I managed to finish the cool shirt that I made from a vogue pattern. When I saw the dress pattern I thought oh my gosh it looks like a sack of potatoes. But I thought it would make a good loose studio shirt. It has great pockets and I liked the way I could mix up the fabric. I bought the fabric from an online store called Hawthorne Fabrics. They have really nice stuff.

I am busy making pins and buttons for the Glitterfest show. That is going to come up faster than I think.

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umelecky said...

Hi Rita...hope your Mother's Day was nice. Nice new top. I love the fabric. I know what you mean about the noise from construction. It can make you crazy. Hope it's over soon.