Monday, May 31, 2010

The roof is finished!!!!

Well, the roof is finished. Whew!! That was something else. Now we are doing things on the inside of the house. We have been without heat now for 2 weeks while they work on that. Since it is California, that shouldn't be a problem however this year it is so cold even in May. What is up with that. Where is the Global warming???? We are having a lot of fires in the evening and sleeping under our quilts. Probably they will be finished just as the weather heats up. The saga continues.

The Glitterfest Show was fantastic. The moment I arrived I was so busy that I never got to walk around and see what the other artists were doing. As I look at some of the pictures that other people took of the show, I wish I could have looked around.

Oh well, I met so many wonderful people. It was fun. I will try to be more prepared for the one in the fall so that I can allow myself some time to see other artists booths.

Here is a photo of one of the little dresses I made to display some buttons on for my table at Glitterfest. So cute!!!

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