Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh I love Saturday!!!!

Saturday is so great. You are rested from the week and you know you have one whole day before you have to start the week again. It seems like you have forever. I finished my give her a hand brooch today. I purchased this big sterling silver hand button from one of the bead shows I have been to. Today I am madly working on making cards. It is so fun and creative. I have all these trims and paints and papers and things. You'll see!!
I also had to work turning some forms into emails without the format changing. That seemed like it would be easy. NOOOOOO it wasn't, but I made it through it. I don't like microsoft word. That little cartoon guy down in the corner hides secret formating things. He looks so cute but he is EVIL!!!! and why is he there anyway.

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