Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here it is Saturday Again.

I can hardly believe a whole week has just gone by. I was really busy this week and I had a lot of troubling things to deal with. It all got done though and now I can look forward to the next week with a fresh mind. When I am working on a tough design job, one of the ways I keep myself inspired is to draw on the side. It takes my mind off of my design problem and frees up my thinking ability. Here is the result of the side job that helped me accomplish my work design.
A beautiful red bird. I just find it so hard to believe that these birds just fly around in the air. Such pure joy. Oh and the background flowers are from my ornamental oak tree. I have two of them in my yard and this time of year they are filled with white flowers. In my drawing I made the flowers lilac (creative license, Ha). As the petals fall from the trees it looks like snow on the ground. They are wonderful trees and are always doing something pretty. In the fall the leaves turn all shades of red and gold. Beautiful.

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umelecky said...

That is so nice Rita. It's just like the ones at my birdfeeder. Beautiful!