Thursday, October 22, 2009

I finished one of the Orange and black Bracelets today.

I love the Orange and Black. I loved making it. I wore my sweat pants today and and old shirt because I had to take a look at the sprinklers. Oh gosh, I found one that was broken so I had to dig it up. What a mess. The knees on my sweatpants not only stretched out but they are black from the hole I had to dig. I got it all set up to be fixed and then I had to finish working. As soon as I finished the bracelet I wanted to photograph it so as I was looking for a place around the yard, a couple walked by the front with their dogs. I rushed out to have the lady put on the bracelet (I don't know why I did this) so I could get a good photograph. I can only imagine what they thought. I was so dirty and my hair was sticking off everywhere. Big black knees and dirty hands and here I have this beautiful sparkly bracelet in my hands. They are neighbors, what was I thinking. I spend way too much time by myself. Yikes. The orange beads glow in the dark. so cooolllll!!!! I put more pictures of this on flicker. I used a lot of the black glass buttons. Thanks ML


umelecky said...

Your story is so funny. It sounds like something I would do.

I'm erin said...