Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Serger miracle!!!

Wow!! I have had a serger for at least 25 years and I have only used it to finish seams. I knew that people used their sergers to finish whole garments but I just never tried it. Well when I got the serger back this time from the repair man, it was so costly that I decided I had better make better use of the machine. Here is the first outfit I have made using only the serger. Except I used my machine to add the pocket to the shirt and to add the waistband to the pants. I did the neck edge 3 times. It was the hardest part. I was totally amazed how quickly the whole thing went together. and how smooth the seams were. No ripples. Since I am getting ready to start a walking program I have to make a bunch of spandex clothes to wear. (well I don't have to but you know how it is, any excuse to make something new to wear) I am so happy with my outfit. I have ordered a bunch of stretchey material from my favorite online fabric store. www.fashionfabrics.com and am waiting for it to arrive so I can sew my new outfits with the serger. How fun.


carla fox said...

Cute outfit! I've always wanted a serger, but all I have is my Singer portable I got for high school graduation, circa 1972. It does have zig-zag, though!

Rita Carol said...

I am going to see how far I can push my abilities with the serger. I will post the other outfits.
I use the zigzag on my machine a lot. It is very handy. Do you sew very much. I have to make my own clothes because nothing ever fits me at the store. And it always falls apart too quickly. I need clothes that last.

umelecky said...

Love the new outfit Rita. It looks like something I would wear. As for sergers, I can't seem to keep mine adjusted properly.
Have fun with your walking. I'm happy the snow has melted here so I can walk now too.